With the changeover in the power structure of the U-S Senate, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley will soon lose his chairmanship of the Finance Committee. While disappointed, Grassley says he’s still eager to get to work on trade legislation and other issues. After all of the holiday weekend focus on veterans, Senator Grassley hopes the discussion about a planned World War Two monument is over. Grassley says there’s been controversy over the National Mall in Washington D-C for one hundred years, whenever someone proposes putting a new structure there. Critics of the 160-million-dollar memorial say it will ruin one of Washington’s green vistas in the heart of the nation’s capital. Grassley says he hasn’t gone out to the chosen spot to see whether that’s true. He says members of Congress wanted to act fast on this issue as veterans of the war are dieing.The memorial will be built between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in the center of the mall.