The Girl Scouts of America have a new look, and it’s a fashion statement. Moingona Council Communications Director Kathy McCormick-McCoy says scouts in her 23-county region like it that several options have been added to the traditional “uniform” of scouts.There’s a skirt, t-shirt and even zipper-front hooded sweatshirt, things the girls see as fun options. The days of a green military-style uniform are long gone, for the more trendy uniforms. McCoy says there are more than half a dozen uniform options, from shorts and pants to formal dresses for ceremonies. McCoy says Scouting is changing all the time to stay current for today’s girls, with new uniforms and guidebooks this year.There are new badges, based on today’s activities. McCoy says leaders talk all the time to Iowa girls asking what kind of activities interest them. The new uniforms are available for Girl Scouts nationwide, and they’re already starting to show up on troop members in Iowa.