More than one hundred organizations which provide services to homeless Iowans will split about two-point-three million dollars in state grants. Steve Deeds manages homeless assistance grants through the Iowa Department of Economic Development.Deeds says the money can be used in several different ways — to do repair work at shelters, to pay the salaries of staff members who work with homeless clients, to pay a shelter’s operating expenses — and a fourth way.He says “Homeless prevention” enables people to stay in their current housing by providing one-time emergency rent and utility payments. Deeds says people move in and out of homelessness, it’s not a constant. He says the latest study shows six thousand people at any given time could be considered homeless.Deeds says the two-point-three million dollars which goes to 109 organizations across Iowa is a far cry from meeting the five-point-two million dollars in requests. He says some agencies were denied funding due to reductions in state appropriations for homeless assistance.