Details are starting to surface about the February death of 11-year-oldTanner Wilson at Gerard of Iowa in Mason City. A report from the IowaDivision of Inspections and Appeals says Wilson died of cardiopulmonaryarrest shortly after being restrained. The report says Wilson was “hitting,biting and scratching staff.” Two staff members held the child face-down onthe floor, with one staff member using her body to form a bridge over thechild’s upper body while keeping the child’s arms at his side. When Wilsoncalmed down, the staff talked to him, but he was not responsive. A staffnurse was called while the two staffers initiated C-P-R. E-M-Ts arrived andtook Wilson to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Gerard employee35-year-old Lori Meacham of Mason City is charged with felony childendangerment in connection with Wilson’s death. Trial is scheduled to startAugust 7th. Gerard’s license was put on provisional status after Wilson’sdeath as well as an incident involving 12-year-old Matthew Ward of MasonCity, who was allegedly tied up and made to hobble around on his knees, aswell as being subjected to other alleged inappropriate behavior by staff.