Four of Iowa’s five Congressmen are Republicans today. Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe says that’ll be flipped on its head with the new redistricting plan set for legislative approval this week. He says it’s a unique situation with Iowa’s even split of voter registration among Democrats and Republicans. McAuliffe says the new plan could help democrats win three, if not four of Iowa’s five Congressional seats, giving it the biggest net shift in America.McAuliffe has budgeted 13-and-a-half million dollars to file lawsuits challenging redistricting plans, but he says Iowa’s plan won’t be challenged. McAuliffe was in Des Moines Saturday night to speak at a party fundraiser. Southern states are pressuring the new party chief to let one of them hold an early contest in the presidential campaign, and McAuliffe says that may happen.McAuliffe promises, though, Iowa will retain its status as the first caucus state. And he predicts Iowans will see plenty of democrats running for President in 2004.