The father of the seven-month-old Perry baby who died Tuesday after being left in a hot mini-van says his baby girl’s death is “a nightmare.” An emotional Dennis Engholm talked with reporters in front of the church where his daughter had been baptized just a few months ago. He says his daughter’s death was the result of a tragic and heartbreaking accident.Engholm says his wife Kari didn’t remember that she’d forgotten to drop their daughter off at a babysitter, and didn’t realize what had happened until she got off work and went to pick up their three-year-old son. Engholm says the babysitter had tried to reach his wife throughout the day but wasn’t successful. Engholm says they’re now just trying to deal with the loss of their daughter and his wife is devastated.He says he’s tried to support his wife through the ordeal, and their faith and support of the community has helped.No charges have been filed. Engholm says he hopes the authorities will see this was an accident.A private funeral will be held for Clare Engholm Saturday at 10 a-m at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Perry.