Governor Tom Vilsack’s not limping as much as he was a few days ago. Vilsack’s got the hitch in his get-along from walking across the state last week, visiting 21 small communities.Vilsack’s left foot is bruised and swollen. He walked about a hundred miles on one side of the road, and since the road surfaces are slightly angled, he put more weight on his left foot. Vilsack, though, says the walk was invigorating. He says he feels better than he’s ever felt.Vilsack says he lost weight, but doesn’t know how much.Vilsack says driving through Iowa isn’t the same as walking through it. He says some people don’t have a full appreciation of the beauty of our state.Vilsack met with almost two-thousand Iowans in the town meetings he held in the small communities where he stopped last week, and he says the main topics of conversation were education and health care.