You’ve heard about the outbreaks, and you’re likely to experience it at some point in your life– it’s food-borne illness. The thousands of Fourth of July cookout chefs should beware. Jim Huss is an extension specialist in Hotel Restaurant Management at Iowa State University. He says hamburgers should be thoroughly cooked.He says the best way to tell if the burgers are done is by using a thermometer. Huss says there are two or three types of thermometers, and the most accurate ones cost 20 to 30 dollars. Huss says the risks of food-borne illness from grilling are greater for the young and the elderly, but some strains, such as E-COLI are powerful enough to hurt even the strongest person.Huss offers some simple advice to those grilling over the Fourth: wash your hands before and after handling the food. Always keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, and be very careful when re-heating grilled foods.