Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell was in the Oval Office meeting with President Bush this morning just before the West Wing of the White House was evacuated. Boswell left moments before the evacuation was ordered after a bomb-sniffing dog i-ded a suspicious car on the White House grounds. Boswell says it wasn’t his vehicle as he parked across the street on Pennsylvania Avenue.Boswell, a democrat, was among a small group of legislators the Republican President called into his office to talk about the Patient’s Bill of Rights. Boswell says Bush was “hitting on the group pretty hard” to support his version, which sets limits on lawsuits filed against H-M-Os. Boswell says the president was “quite dynamic”, but he still believes the bill he was working on is better.Boswell’s been in the Oval Office before, but this was his first private meeting with Bush. Boswell was the second to enter the room, and he handed Bush a report which shows Iowa doctors and hospitals get socked by the lowest Medicare reimbursement rates in the country. Boswell says he asked the president for help in fixing that problem.