The D-N-R’s stepping up efforts to convince Iowans to recycle when they change their own oil. Environmental specialist Teresa Stiner says folks are learning that they can’t just dump the used motor oil. It’s illegal to dump in a landfill or put into the trash, and the garage or store that sold it will take the used oil. But just about half of the do-it-yourselfers skip one part of the process, recycling oil filters.Even drained, the filter contains several ounces of oil that can leach out in a landfill. The D-N-R has a list of places that will take them. Stiner says she was surprised at the number of people who don’t realize they should recycle oil filters, and she says the components can be re-used.Some places will shred the filter, burn the paper liner in a power plant, and recycle the steel. A place near Cherokee presses them, drains the last oil, and sends the filters to a steel plant. To find a place near you that will take oil filters for recycling, phone the D-N-R at 800-cleanup or surf to