Hunter training courses are already underway across the state. When hunting seasons get underway soon, the goal’s to have those safety skills sharp in Iowa’s young…and not-so-young hunters.The oldest student has been 72, as lots of dads and grandpas come with a son and decide to take the course, too, some because they’ll want to hunt out of the state. Hunter education teacher Richard Stivers explains other states will require proof of a hunter-training course to get a license there. In Colorado or Wyoming, you’ll have to get that proof no matter your age, so many take the courses to get that certification. Stivers also happens to be chief of police in Anamosa, and he’s been teaching hunter-training courses for a dozen years. Stivers says while the lessons include some hands-on training and target shooting, a lot of it is hunter ethics, and common sense.Stivers watches how comfortable his students are handling weapons, crossing fences safely, and practicing gun safety rather than just focusing on hunting skills. Courses are in full swing, since the fall hunting seasons begin as early as late August. Contact local stores that sell hunting licenses to find about local hunter-training classes.