The Vision Iowa Board today approved 20-million dollars for Davenport’s “River Renaissance” project on the Mississippi River. Davenport Mayor Phil Yerrington says the project will revitalize the city’s downtown area. He says they’re ecstatic to win the money.Yerrington says the total project will cost 113 million dollars.He says it will attract new businesses and people downtown, as well as revitalizing the businesses that’re already there. Davenport was the center of a national controversy this spring over the city’s decision against building a floodwall. Yerrington admits there were critics who said Davenport shouldn’t get state funds because of the flooding. He says the floods weren’t as bad as everyone said they were. He says this project will help highlight the city and the river even more.The Vision Iowa Board also signed the final papers for two river projects on the western side of the state. Sioux City Mayor Marty Dougherty signed the giving his city a 21-million dollar grant for its “River’s Edge” project.The total project is nearly 73 million dollars.Officials from Council Bluffs signed papers today to receive a 24-million dollar grant and a seven million dollar loan from the state. That money will help fund a 114-million dollar recreation and convention center.