The Burlington man accused of animal abuse for kicking a puppy to death has been found “not guilty.” During an interview on “Court T-V”, Raymond Peebler said he’s embarrassed he let his temper get the better of him in the confrontation with his neighbor, John Wilt, and Wilt’s dog. Peebler says he thinks he’s a good person and is ashamed of what happened.Peebler’s attorney convinced the jury Wilt intentionally taunted Peebler by walking his dog without a leash, and letting his dog relieve himself in Peebler’s yard without picking up the deposits. He says everyone involved in the case deserves thanks. Those left in the courtroom applauded when Peebler was released. Peebler says that was overwhelming.The animal abuse charge carries a two-year maximum prison sentence, and a five thousand dollar fine. Peebler admits he kicked his neighbor’s six-month-old terrier on Father’s Day, but says he was protecting his property from the nuisance of having the dog relieve itself in his yard. The dog died of a ruptured heart.