That unusual screeching noise coming from eastern Iowa today is no cause for alarm. It’s just bagpipes. Davenport is hosting the Celtic Highland Games, celebrating the cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Wales.Lisa Lockheart is co-chairing the third annual event. She says there are two stages of entertainment, which includes eight bagpipe bands — or about 300 pipers. Among the re-inactors, Lockheart says there’s the 42nd Royal Highlanders Regiment. She says they joined the English army to continue their history.Many sports associated with Celtic cultures originated in ways to defend castles from attack. These methods include the “caber toss” which is a sport that can take weeks to master. A caber is a 10 to 12 foot pole that can weigh up to 120 pounds. It is pitched forward in a circle where it lands.The third annual event is underway today only at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. Registration for the “games of strength” begins at 8 a-m.