State officials say “Tax Freedom Weekend” ran much more smoothly this year. Iowa sales taxes were not charged on basic clothing and shoe purchases made during “Tax Freedom Weekend” at the beginning of this month, August 3rd and 4th. Renee Mulvey of the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance says by this time last year, Iowa consumers had filed about a dozen complaints about “Tax Freedom Weekend” but so far, none have been filed this year.Most of last year’s complaints were about stores that refused to participate. The law says, though, that if a business is open that weekend, it must not collect sales taxes on clothes or shoes with a price of a hundred bucks or less.It’ll be a couple of months before Mulvey’s agency releases its report on how much Iowans saved on Tax Freedom Weekend.Legislators are considering the idea of expanding the sales tax holiday to include school supplies like paper and pencils.