Kids looking for role models look to their parents more often than you might think. ISU Extension family specialist Kimberly Greder says the Horatio Alger Association gives scholarships and special help to kids at risk, and asked who they look up to.Kids going through the scholarship program believe in themselves and their abilities even more than the nation’s youth in general. Greder says it’s not necessarily bad for kids to look farther than mom and dad for their role models in life. Greder says despite news reports of occasional violent incidents at schools around the country, today’s teens don’t seem to think they’re in much danger on school grounds.She says such violence isn’t everywhere and though it should be prevented, kids don’t think they’re in danger. Greder says kids at risk surveyed by the Horatio Alger Association were even more confident in their safety at school than teens at large across the nation. The study’s called “The State of Our Nation’s Youth.”