Over two dozen inner city Des Moines residents are going to southwest Iowa tomorrow to learn about gardening. Dick Tremain of the U-S-D-A’s Natural Resources Conservation Service says the trip to Corning and Prescott is for a group of folks who are having their houses moved.Tremain says new businesses are going in where houses have been, and those homes are being moved to vacant lots. Tremain says the homeowners will learn about conservation techniques that can be used in yards and gardens. Gardener Sheila O’Riley’s mulch, though, turns into black compost full of nutrients and provides a moisture-holding base for her plants and flowers. Tremain hopes the southwest Iowa folks become mentors for the gardening novices from Des Moines, who’ll be drawing up their garden plans this fall and winter. Tomorrow’s trip is sponsored by the U-S-D-A and a group called “1000 Friends of Iowa” which promotes land conservation.