Senator Tom Harkin says he’s coming home to Iowa this weekend, and is hoping to organize a bipartisan rally here. Harkin says he hopes Iowans can gather together and stand in unity behind the nation.President Bush and Republican congressional leaders want to push a 20-billion dollar relief and response package through Congress today, but Harkin says he’s not yet sure of the price tag for rebuilding and the military action against the terrorists.Harkin says he’s concerned about the performance of America’s spy network.Harkin says just handing over more money isn’t the answer. Harkin says there should be wholesale changes at the C-I-A, and a complete look at America’s intelligence community. Harkin isn’t offering specific suggestions for change, as he says he’s not an expert in the area, but he says “I know failure when I see it.”Harkin says a picture should be taken of everyone on the plane, just like pictures are taken of everyone who makes a withdrawal from an A-T-M. Harkin says a pilot he flew with in the Navy has made another suggestion. He says they suggest using retired airline pilots as sky marshals.Harkin has postponed his 24th annual steak-fry fundraiser that was scheduled this weekend.