The state group that fights tobacco use is starting a new campaign against second-hand smoke. The campaign by the group called “Just Eliminate Lies” or JEL, will include radio, TV and billboard ads. Cathy Calloway leads the State Health Department’s Tobacco Prevention Division. Calloway says for every eight deaths brought on by smoking, one non-smoker also dies.She says that makes second-hand smoke the third leading cause of death in the United States. Calloway says most people aren’t aware of the dangers of second hand smoke.Calloway says there are a lot of chemicals in second-hand smoke that people don’t realize.JEL has gained notice, and some criticism, for graphic ads and billboards depicting the effects of cancer on tobacco users. Calloway says all their efforts are focused on one thing — they want to reduce tobacco use among young people and pregnant women. Calloway says more than 25-hundred students are involved in JEL statewide.