State health officials say there should be no public concern over the latest fatal case of flesh-eating disease. A Des Moines woman died Sunday of necrotizing fasciitis — the 3rd Iowan to die from that bacterial disease this year and the second case in Des Moines this month.Iowa epidemiologist Dr. Patty Quinlisk says it’s typical for there to be three to five cases of this disease in Iowa every year. She says it’s pure coincidence that two cases have appeared in Des Moines within eight days.The woman who died Sunday is identified as 59-year-old Jackie Heldenbrand, who worked in the billing department of Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines. Dr. Quinlisk says Iowans who are concerned about the flesh-eating bacteria can take a few simple precautions, such as making sure children have their vaccinations for chicken pox. And she says anyone who has a red or hot patch on their skin should have it checked out.Quinlisk says there are lots of urban legends out there about this disease — like how someone who got a paper cut had to have a hand amputated. She says don’t believe those stories.