A key republican legislator is shooting down the idea of adding more money to the state program that doles out grants for large entertainment and recreation projects. Governor Vilsack says diverting more state gambling taxes to the “Vision Iowa” program would give an economic boost to the state’s construction industry. Senate Republican Leader Stewart Iverson of Dows says expansion of “Vision Iowa” isn’t going to happen. While the governor has talked about adding more money to the program, Iverson says the money simply isn’t available. The program started with 215-million dollars, and has only 27-million left. Iverson says he’s heard concerns over how the Vision Iowa Board’s handed out the dollars. He says the board promised to look at all the projects and then make a decision, but he says they immediately began handing out money. Iverson says there are also questions about the cities that won money. Iverson for example, wants to know why the Vision Iowa Board hasn’t approved funding for the Newton Speedway.Iverson says he’s not a big race fan, but says race tracks have done phenomenally well in bringing in people from other states. Iverson says these concerns and a tight state budget ensure no new money will be added to the Vision Iowa fund.