Four Quad Cities men are in the Scott County Jail today on charges they transported an Illinois man to Davenport against his will, held him and beat him over a drug deal gone bad. Charged with false imprisonment are 20-year-old Troy Sountris of Davenport, 20-year-old Joseph Nache of Silvis and 19-year-old Bartholomew Bentley and 19-year-old Michael Vasquez, both of East Moline. Sountris also is charged with simple assault. Police say Thursday night the men kicked in the door of an apartment belonging to Kevin Ross. Police say they took Ross to Sountris’s Davenport apartment, where they held him while Sountris beat him. Ross was released when two police officers knocked on the apartment door. Illinois officers also are seeking warrants for Sountris and the others forhome invasion and kidnapping.