A survey of business leaders and supply chain managers finds Iowa’s economy showing clear signs of recovery with its best outlook in nearly two years. Creighton University economist Dr. Ernie Goss says the progress index indicates the Hawkeye State’s economy is in the start of the upturn.Goss says Iowa’s progress index reflects the best numbers since April of 2000, though he says there are still a few dark clouds on the economic horizon.This week, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan reported the national economy, in his estimation, is on the rebound. As far as the Midwest is concerned, Dr. Goss agrees. He says the nine state region shows the makings of a rebound that he says will be week by historical standards. On Thursday, state officials released a report that shows Iowa’s jobless rate fell four-tenths of a percentage point in January, landing at 3-point-3 percent — its first decline in a year.