Democrat lawmakers predict the Republican budget-cutting plan approved this past week won’t be enough to erase a predicted shortfall. Democrat leaders says the Iowa Legislature may have to come back for a special session in June to cut more from the budget, as the republican plan is full of “phony numbers.”Senate Democrat Leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs says republicans’ idea of unpaid state worker furloughs is flawed because state workers cut back to 36 hours per week become hourly workers, entitled to over-time pay. He says in the end it saves nothing to institute the furloughs.Republicans, though, point out their plan now gives state managers the option of using other ways of budget cutting rather than resort to furloughs. House Speaker Brent Siegrist, a republican from Council Bluffs, says a special session is unlikely.Siegrist says if state tax revenue stays on target, there won’t be a need for a special legislative session.