A bill that’d force doctors to give women information about child support and available medical benefits before scheduling an abortion has cleared its final legislative hurdle. It passed the Iowa Senate last night, and Republican Senator John Redwine of Sioux City doesn’t expect many doctors would be arrested for not providing the information. Redwine says he can’t imagine a doctor knowingly or recklessly failing to provide the information. He says it’s very simple to meet the mandate and the medical community should be able to fulfill these requirements.The bill calls for a variety of optional information to be made available to women seeking an abortion, including medical and psychological effects. Redwine says the bill could make a difference. He says he has personally heard from women who’ve had abortions that wish they had the information. Redwine says he believe some of the adverse affects of abortion are not shared with women, such as the psychological impacts.The bill passed on a 31 “yes” 17 “no” vote. Senate President Mary Kramer, a republican from West Des Moines, was one of those “no” votes. Kramer says she doesn’t in any way think abortion is a good choice, but says she doesn’t in any way think she gets to make that choice for other women.Kramer says women should be allowed to decide about getting an abortion in consultation with their doctor, without the state getting involved. Kramer says she felt “this was not a needed intervention.”Governor Tom Vilsack’s expected to veto the bill, as he objects to the part which sets up a simple misdemeanor penalty for doctors who fail to provide the information to women. Last week, Vilsack directed his Department of Public Health to devise a packet of data for women seeking an abortion.