U-S Cellular has agreed to greatly reduce the fees it charges customers who ask to get out of cell phone contracts early. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller was among those who negotiated with the company and he announced the agreement yesterday afternoon.Miller says the deal ends two-years-worth of litigation in state and federal court.U-S Cellular has agreed to a 150-dollar “cap” on the fees it charges customers who want to cancel their contracts, and to tie the fee to the time remaining on the contract, which would be significantly less than 150-bucks if a customer’s “time” was almost up.Miller says his office got involved because U-S Cellular had imposed a mandatory 300-dollar fee for all customers who tried to cancel, even if they were near the end of their service contract. To claim a refund from U-S Cellular, call 515-281-5807 or send e-mail to [email protected].