The Governor declared seven flooded eastern Iowa counties disaster areas yesterday afternoon, and then boarded a helicopter to tour the damage. Iowa’s Emergency Management director and the regional director for the Federal Emergency Management Agency joined Vilsack in Monticello and Dyersville. Vilsack was in Monticello late yesterday, helping build a sandbag dike around the town’s drinking water plant. The effort to save the water treatment plant in Monticello began at eight o’clock yesterday morning, but just before 5:30, the dike was breached by fast-moving flood waters. Vilsack says they’re now trying to use large pumps to clear out the floodwater.Vilsack was there when the dike collapsed. Drinking water’s been brought in to Monticello. Vilsack says in Dyersville, a park and up to 60 homes were damaged.The Governor says the flood damage is “fairly significant,” “extensive” and “widespread.” Vilsack says luckily, no one lost his or her life in this spate of flooding.Vilsack declared Clayton, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, Jones and Scott state disaster areas, which releases state resources for the flood-fight, and the clean up. A bridge in Linn County’s been seriously damaged as well. Vilsack will tour flood damage in Davenport, starting at eight o’clock this morning.