Farmers across north-central Iowa are starting to assess the damage from Wednesday morning’s severe storms that produced golf ball to baseball sized hail. Iowa State University Extension crop specialist George Cummins has received several reports of crop damage across the area. He says there are some soybean fields where he says it’s obvious that they need to be replanted. Others it’s tougher to tell.Cummins says some farmers might not know the extent of the damage for a few days due to ponding in the fields.Cummins says farmers might just want to get their minds off their fields for the next couple of days with such a forecast. He suggests they take the weekend off or go fishing for a few days, as they can’t do anything for a while anyway.Cummins says your local county extension office has very good advice on what should be the next step for farmers.Cummins says several meetings across the area will be set up for farmers in the next week to discuss their concerns about the crop damage. A meeting will be held at the Cartersville elevator four miles east of Rockwell today at 1:30. Farmers are encouraged to bring samples of damaged crops with them to the meetings.