The warm weather and lack of wind is making the skies over of Iowa dirtier. Brian Button of the D-N-R’s Air Quality Bureau says air monitors have recorded some dirty air in the last two days.He says there were unhealthy levels of smog in eastern Iowa’s Scott and Clinton counties Sunday. The levels pushed close to unhealthy in those counties Monday, while hitting that level in western Iowa’s Harrison County. He says warm days with little wind provide the perfect conditions for smog.The high temperatures cook the emissions from cars and factories and combine with dust particles in the air to form ground level ozone, or what’s more commonly known as “smog.” Button says Iowa’s smog isn’t anywhere near that of a big city such as Los Angeles — but he says it could still be a problem for certain people.He says people who have respiratory problems or spend a lot of time outdoors might notice more difficulty breathing. You can check the air pollution levels at