A family man from the eastern Iowa town of DeWitt may soon be advertising the legalization of marijuana on his shaved head. 39-year-old Jeff Swanson, the married father of four boys, put advertising space on his head up for auction on eBay on July 25th. The auction ends Monday. A bidder from Michigan, who has not been named, has agreed to Swanson’s minimum bid of $100,000. The Des Moines Register is reporting today that the bidder says in an e-mail that he is thinking of having the words “Legalize It,” along with a marijuana leaf, tattooed on Swanson’s head. In the meantime, Swanson, who works at a door company in Davenport, is getting lots of publicity. He is scheduled to appear on the Today show both Saturday and Monday. But as for the bid, he’s taking a wait-and-see attitude. He says he doubts the bidder will actually come up with the money.