A farm safety group founded by an Iowa mother who lost her son in a farm accident is teaming up with a federal agency to spread its message.Marilyn Adams is the President and Founder of “Farm Safety For Just Kids.” She says they’re teaming up with the Farm Service Agency and will have their safety materials available at county F-S-A offices. Adams says the message of farm safety may be coming to your farm personally.She says F-S-A officials may hand out brochures or point out farm machinery that’s missing a shield as part of the program. She adds that there are no new rules and regulations, but USDA is helping to increase awareness of farm safety. Adams says the number of child fatalities has dropped since she started the group, but says there are still too many.She says there were 300 childhood deaths on farms when she started, and that’s come down to 104. She says she still doesn’t find 104 acceptable. Adams says they’ll start a new media campaign September 18t to promote farm safety. She says the campaign is called “One-oh-four no more.” A special event will be held on National Farm Safety and Health Week in September.A lot of the chapters of the group will gather groups of 104 kids in a symbolic march for the group.