Radio Iowa’s O.Kay Henderson recently observed the two major party candidates for Governor on the campaign trail, and found one of ’em has a bit of Bill Clinton in him.This may surprise you, but the Republican candidate, Doug Gross, exhibits many of the characteristics that made Bill Clinton a good campaigner. Gross often shakes hands with the Clinton extra — a touch on the shoulder or on the elbow along with the handclasp. Gross also mimics people. For example, if someone Gross is chatting with has their arms crossed, he’ll cross his arms. If someone leans on the table, he’ll lean on the table. It’s probably instinct — and it makes people feel comfortable. Vilsack has a bit of Bill, too, as he’s been known to give extraordinarily long formal speeches. But Vilsack’s body language as he interacts with people reminds me of the fellows I used to see talking at my hometown sale barn. He’s a leaner. I saw Vilsack lean against a counter to have an extended chat with a man in a convenience store. And when Vilsack shakes hands, he often makes a slight head nod toward the person. That, too, is probably instinct, and it’s a bit like an old-fashioned doff of the hat.