Radio Iowa’s O.Kay Henderson recently spent a day with Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack, and noticed he was reluctant to ask people for their vote. Governor Tom Vilsack spent a day walking through small town Iowa and talking with residents in Gilbertville, Washburn and La Porte City, but he wasn’t in campaign mode. Vilsack gave speeches about getting more Medicare dollars from the feds and getting the pharmaceutical companies to lower prescription drug prices. Vilsack answered questions from local residents, but even when the questions were pointedly focused on the campaign, Vilsack didn’t get wound up and castigate his opponent. He never mentioned opponent Doug Gross by name. So, I asked the question: do you like to campaign? Vilsack said he likes to govern, and while he likes to get out and meet people, there are aspects of campaigning he says he could do without. Vilsack seemed to relish his walk, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and getting out of Des Moines. He said it was important for people to see politicians sweat.