While all Iowans will go to the polls in November to select their political leaders — some will also choose their spiritual leader. The Episcopal Church of Iowa will chose one of five candidates in November to become its next Bishop. Diocese spokesperson, Reverend Sharon Mahood, says the five candidates will begin touring the state this weekend.They’ll visit the Cathedrals in Des Moines, Davenport, Mason City and Sioux City to talk with church members. Mahood says there are 12 to 14-thousand Episcopalians in Iowa. She says the candidates’ visits with those church members will culminate in the voting November 1st.She says the voters are lay people elected by their congregations and the priests from the diocese. They’ll vote in seperate groups. Mahood says a candidate must win a majority of the vote from both the groups to be elected Bishop. Mahood says the finalists for Bishop have been chosen based on criteria set up by a special committee.She says the committee has been working for almost a year to develop a profile of what they wanted in the candidates for Bishop. She talks about some of the things they’re looking for in their Bishop.Mahood says they want someone who can nurture both rural and urban congregations. The new Bishop will be the 9th for the Iowa, and will replace the previous Bishop who has moved on to a position with the Episcopal Church in New York.