Residents who oppose the building of a large-scale hog confinement lot near the vacation spot of the Iowa Great Lakes confronted the Dickinson County Supervisors with complaints Tuesday. Citizens blame the board for not informing the public about the hog lot, but supervisors say the Iowa D-N-R never contacted them before granting the permit. Chairwoman June Goldman says a letter of protest is being sent to the D-N-R.Dutch Creek Custom Farms of Fairmont, Minnesota, is building the four thousand head operation in the Okoboji Township, near the town of Milford. Dutch Creek owner and operator Jack Gerhardt was at the meeting and said he followed all rules and regulations in accordance with the D-N-R. He says there was no feedback from the area and assumed it was safe to go ahead and build. He says he has nothing against Dickinson County and were invited in by a landowner who wanted manure on his cropland. Gerhardt says those who say they were unaware from August 13th would be misleading.The supervisors admit it was their job to inform the public through a local newspaper but also claim there was no deadline on when the information was to be published. Milford city attorney Dave Stein represents several citizens who want construction of the hog lot to stop. He says the next action will be taken by the court, which will act on the request for a temporary and permananent injunction to review the process. He expects a hearing in October. One citizen, Lynn Wallace, says the blame should be placed on the Farm Bureau and the Iowans who voted for the legislators who passed House File 519 which takes control away from local officials. Gerhardt said local control laws in Minnesota led him across the border to Iowa.