A lot of folks will have the blues this weekend in Iowa, and they’ll be enjoying it. The Central Iowa Blues Society holds a tenth-birthday celebration Saturday and one of the supporters who started it up, Jeff Wagner, says it’s been going strong.He says it’s amazing the amount of talent around here, many talented musicians in Des Moines who may be frustrated as local musicians always are. Saturday’s celebration will be at Des Moines’ Kirkwood Hotel. Wagner says Iowa’s old-time fiddlers, country musicians and all the rest are part of a musical talent pool that includes the blues.He says one of Des Moines’ best blues guitar players, Bob Pace, is better known as a country musician, and in fact played for two years with Buck Owens on the TV show “Hee Haw.” The fans are loyal, though the venues for performing may be few, Wagner says.He says there are a few clubs around the state, a few in Des Moines, and as time passes its popularity will grow, then owners will give it up, deciding that live music is too expensive, but then others will decide it would be a good thing to start up again. Iowans do come out he says, and as proof he says a local blues club he took over three years ago was recently named Blues Club of the Year nationwide, by the Blues Foundation out of Memphis, Tennessee. The site featuring clubs, artists, a hall of fame and calendar is at www.cibs.org/