The Iowa Department of Public Safety has released more details on an investigation into alleged wrongdoing in the State Fire Marshal’s office. The Department refused to do a taped interview on the subject, but did send out a one-page media release. The release says the allegations were brought to the department’s attention in June of this year by the U-S Department of Health and Human Services office of Inspector General. The Inspector General alleges dates were altered on safety inspection reports for Iowa health care facilites that receive Medicare and Medicaid. The release says there have been no allegations that any of the people in the Fire Marshal’s office made money from the altered inspection papers. It also says there’ve been no allegations of personal injury against anyone in the case. Two unidentified members of the Fire Marshal’s office have been put on administrative leave while the allegations are being investigated. The Iowa Attorney General’s office is investigating the allegations and the investigative report of the State Division of Criminal Investigation. The release says the Department of Public Safety is also conducting an internal review and will take appropriate action.