Computer gurus at Iowa State University have been hired by Seattle-based Cray Incorporated to test software developed for the new X-1 supercomputer, what’s believed to be the most powerful supercomputer in the world. I-S-U math professor Glenn Luecke explains the X-1 can solve very large problems very quickly using sophisticated and complicated software. Luecke, who is director of I-S-U’s High Performance Computing Group, couldn’t specify what researchers in Ames will be doing for Cray, other than helping to develop advanced software analysis tools. Luecke says the supercomputer will be used by certain types of clients.The X-1 would likely be used by the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Security Agency, university researchers and automakers for crash tests and engine design. As payment for I-S-U’s help, Cray is donating a very valuable high-performance computer to the university.Luecke wouldn’t disclose what the donated equipment might be worth but he says the alliance is a definite win for both parties.