In the wake of Democrat electoral success in Iowa buoyed by a strong absentee voting initiative, key Republican lawmakers say they’ll pursue reforms to address abuses in the system. Senate President Mary Kramer, a Republican from West Des Moines. Kramer says the system was designed for helping disabled people or people who’re out of town. She says it was designed to help a small amount of people, not the huge numbers of the past election. She says if absentee voting helps people, then they need to come up with a system to do that that’s credible. Senate Republican Leader Stewart Iverson of Dows says it makes sense to require that all absentee ballots be mailed in. Iverson says someone can pick up the ballott and you never know if it actually gets were it’s supposed to go. In addition, Republicans may require voters to show a photo i-d when they vote on Election Day. Republicans may suggest limiting the time in which you may request an absentee ballot to just a month before the election.