It’s just what Iowans don’t want to hear as snow creeps into next week’s forecast — the cost to heat our homes is going up again. The forecast calls for colder temperatures in the winter ahead, along with national declines in heating fuel inventories. Jennifer Moehlmann (male’-man), a data analyst at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says those are two prime factors that lead to the prediction that fuel prices will take a significant jump.Moehlmann says most Iowans use natural gas — they’ll likely see the lowest rise in prices, of about 19-percent or 114-dollars more over the winter. Propane users may see a 22-percent rise in fuel costs, or 195-dollars more for the season. Those who use heating oil could be hit the hardest. With a 45-percent hike, they’d have to pay up to 290-dollars more.She says the price rise appears higher than normal due to last year’s lower-than-average prices.