A former Playboy Playmate who has contracted H-I-V will speak about her life experiences with the virus tonight at North Iowa Area Community College. Rebekka Armstrong was Miss September 1986 and contracted the virus while having unprotected sex at the age of 16. Armstrong says people need to learn self-respect for their bodies. Armstrong says all that medications she is taking to combat the virus is an experience itself. Armstrong says the virus at times is undetectable in her, as is the case with basketball great Magic Johnson. Armstrong says the publicity that Johnson has received sends the wrong message that the disease is curable. She says undetectable talks about the amount of virus in your blood, but she says you can still transmit the disease, it’s just not overwhelming. Armstrong says AIDS research is going in a positive direction, including making the medication easier to take. As an example, she says they’ve gone from about 30 pills to one to three pills.Armstrong speaks tonight as part of the North Iowa Teen HIV/AIDS Conference at 7 p.m. at the Muse-Norris Conference Center on the NIACC campus.