The State Environmental Protection Commission is hearing arguments today against a giant hog operation planned for Humboldt County in north-central Iowa. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources approved a permit October 16th for Heartland Pork to build a four-thousand head hog operation near Gilmore City. Louie Fallesen of Gilmore City spoke to the commission this morning. He says the area is not suited for the manure that’ll come from the operation.He says the area is extremely sensitive to groundwater contamination due to its geology that includes sink holes, limestone, natural waterways and ag wells. Fallesen says they see the impact of runoff in the water even without the added problem of liquid manure added to the mix. He says the geological survey has indicated to the D-N-R that the area was a high risk for groundwater contamination. Fallesen says he sees only one option.He says they should move the hog operation to another area, as he says there’s no way to build it at the proposed site and keep it from being a danger to the groundwater. In October the E-P-C overturned the D-N-R’s approval for a facility in Addair County, and those opposed the Humboldt facility hope for the same result.