The annual golden Christmas surprise continues for the Mason City Salvation Army bellringers. Three gold Krugerrand coins were found Monday inside the red kettle at the K-MART. Major Lori Wright explains the coins were found in an envelope labeled “Krugerrand” and wrapped in a dollar bill. Wright says the South African coins are very valuable as they’re one ounce of nearly pure gold.Wright says the Krugerrands in the kettles have become a great tradition, and mystery in Mason City. She says the anonymous donor has dropped the Krugerrands in a Salvation Army kettle for six years now, and it’s been three coins each of the last four years. The Krugerrands are sold to help with the Salvation Army’s “Be an Angel-Touch Someone’s Soul” Christmas Campaign. Wright says the campaign is off to a good start.She says they’re about 25-percent finished with their 152-thousand dollar goal. She says they recently auctioned off two framed Krugerrands that brought in two-thousand dollars.