It was announced this week that the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents Association will receive the proceeds from the Governor’s inaugural in January. Lynhon Stout, the executive director of the association, says it is exciting to be recognized in such a way.She says 2003 is the 30th anniversary of IFAPA and she says Iowa was selected to host the national foster parents conference in 2003. Stout says Iowa is well known for its adoption and foster care programs. She says the support of Iowans allowed the state to be named the state association of the year in 1999 from the National Foster Parent Association. Amy Klein is the project director for Project KidSake, which seeks to get more Iowans to adopt children or become foster parents. She says on any given day, there are approximately 100 kids waiting to be adopted, while there are 25-hundred children in foster care. Klein says they have one goal.She says every child deserves a stable and loving home environment. To find out more about KidSake, call 800-243-0756.