A child abduction in Council Bluffs this morning ended nearly three hours later with the baby girl found safe in Omaha, Nebraska. A 40-year-old Omaha woman went inside a Council Bluffs convenience store to pay for the gas she’d just pumped about 8:15, and someone stole the car, with the woman’s nine-month-old granddaughter inside, strapped in the carseat. Council Bluffs police Sergeant Jerry Mann says the white Jeep was found in Omaha about 11 with the girl still inside.Sergeant Mann says the girl, Brodjinique Dunn, was taken to an Omaha hospital as a precaution, but she appears to be fine. He could -not- say whether the grandmother would face a neglect charge.Mann says vehicle will be photographed and checked for fingerprints and anything else that might lead authorities to a suspect.