The student government at the University of Iowa has voted down a resolution that called for a student-led boycott of Hawkeye men’s basketball games. Sherene Judeh, a senior from South St. Paul, Minnesota, was co-author of the resolution, drafted to protest having Pierre Pierce keep his athletic scholarship after he pleaded guilty to assault causing injury in a plea agreement after being charged with third-degree sexual assault.Judeh says having Pierce retain his scholarship makes the university look bad, and she believes the only way to make the university’s athletic department respond is to dampen ticket sales. Judeh says she won’t let the matter drop. She says when the come back to school at the end of January, she hopes the university has changed its mind. If not, she says they’ll pursue other options. Judeh says she’s “outraged” that the university is still “paying” Pierce his scholarship. Judeh says Pierce is getting special treatment because any student in a similar situation but on academic scholarship would have lost that scholarship, and might have lost other privileges, like living in a dorm.