An expert on agricultural bioterrorism says he fears too many people are ignoring the threat to Midwestern farms and to our food supply. Dr. Radford Davis, a public health professor at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, will be speaking today in Iowa City about how a leading ag state like Iowa is a potential target and how very few producers have the proper safeguards in place.Davis is assistant director of I-S-U’s Center for Food Security and Public Health. “A terrorist attack using biological agents or radiological agents can really devastate a society,” Davis says, adding, farmers need to ensure their properties are safe — in a number of ways. Farmers should bolster security on the farm, not let just anyone onto the farm, but also looking at what infectious diseases can be brought onto the farm by the introduction of new animals and by potential employees. Davis says farmers who have livestock need to be very aware of any diseases that start to show up in their animals.Davis’ noon lecture at the University of Iowa’s Center for Disabilities and Development will be broadcast to several points statewide via the Iowa Communications Network.