With the awards shows out of the way the Iowa football team can now focus on the January second Orange Bowl against fifth-ranked U-S-C. The third-ranked Hawkeyes have been idle for a month since closing out the regular season with a victory at Minnesota. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz admits his team was a little rusty when practice resumed but is not concerned with the effects of long layoff. He says their approach and mental state continues to be very impressive and they have a plan mapped out right up to the game. Ferentz equates bowl preparation to pre-season workouts in August. He says the key is to work enough, but not overwork. He says he’s found it’s better to err with not doing enough than doing too much. Ferentz says last year’s bowl game gave them a good blueprint.Ferentz says they will have a light schedule of workouts this week so they have time to work on finals and then step up the preparation.