The state’s top attorney just got done serving on a jury. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller got the call to serve, but didn’t think any lawyer would choose to put the Attorney General on a jury. Miller was on an eight-person jury that heard a civil lawsuit. Miller was the jury foreman, and says it probably would have been embarassing if he hadn’t been chosen to the lead the jury panel. Miller and the other seven jury members deliberated about two-and-a-half hours on the case after a day-long trial. He says the jury system seemed to work well. Miller is praising Polk County judges who have changed the duration of jury service from a month to just a week. When it’s just a week, Miller says the judges decided no one can get an excuse not to serve — even if you’re the Attorney General. Miller didn’t even try to get excused from the jury pool, and says he enjoyed being on the inside looking out. A few years ago, former Governor Robert Ray was called to serve on a jury and said it was his duty to serve.