The Iowa State football team leaves next week for a December 31st appearance in the Humanitarian Bowl against Boise State. During a news conference today in Ames, Cyclone coach Dan McCarney refuted claims by an Idaho columnist that he missed a news conference in Boise just days after the Cyclones accepted the bid. McCarney says he’s been on the go recruiting and says it was a poor job of journalism as the columnist didn’t talked to anyone and just “pulled it out of the air.”McCarney says he specifically asked Humanitarian Bowl officials if he needed to come out for a news conference and they told him, no. He says it was disappointing to read “some of the happy horsecrap that’s written” after getting back from being on the road. McCarney says there never was any press conference. McCarney says he was told by bowl officials there was no function scheduled until he was to go to Boise with the team.